Driving Theory

Intent What will I learn?

You will develop your understanding of driving laws, rules of the road, and safe driving practice –  with the ability to assess danger when behind the wheel of a car.

You will learn what to do correctly when driving and you will be able to demonstrate safe and legal driving behaviours.

  • Identification of the three basic types of traffic sign:
  • signs that give orders
  • signs that warn
  • signs that give information
  • Recognition of available clues and perception of danger
  • Definition of hazards and development of skills in hazard perception

Through this programme you will also improve your study and memory techniques and build your examination confidence in preparation for the driving theory test (to be taken at a Government-designated Driving Theory Test Centre of your choice) 

What other skills or qualifications do I need?

Although there is no prescribed threshold, the driving theory test can only be undertaken in English or Welsh under strict (timed) examination conditions.   STEC therefore requires you to demonstrate sufficient command of the English Language. You are welcome to apply and we can advise you on how well-prepared you may be.

You will require the ability to keep your work organised in a file and build up a portfolio of evidence.

You will require basic digital skills such as being able to connect to the internet, and use email.

Implementation How will I learn?

Sessions will include a mix of tutor demonstration, classroom activities, working in groups, individual projects and homework.

Most courses will have some online learning, so a laptop/tablet/mobile phone and internet access will be needed for study so you can access our Driving Theory Success App online. You can discuss this with your tutor and we may be able to help.

Your full attendance in class and online will be required to help you to meet your learning targets. Additional home study is essential.

How will I know I am making progress?

You will have a Personal Learning Plan (PLP), which you will update regularly.

Your tutor will also give you regular updates on your progress, both verbally and in writing.

Impact What can I expect to achieve?

You can expect to improve your knowledge and understanding to help you pass your Driving Theory and Hazard Perception Test. Upon successful completion of your learning goals we will book your next step – Your Driving Theory Test at an official test centre of your choosing!