Glass Engraving

Intent What will I learn?

You will develop your understanding of the art of decorating glass that involves shallowly engraving the surface of a glass object by manipulating a “diamond point” in the style of a rotary engraving tool.

You will experience the main stages in creating your own piece of Glass Art. Your Learning Journey will let you explore and develop the intricate art of engraving glass.

Specifically, you will: —

  • Recognise different types of equipment / Rotary multi tools
  • Select suitable glass objects / media to use
  • Identify different Burrs to use

You will Develop the following Skills & Techniques:

  • Drawing guideline and basic outlines
  • Filling
  • Silhouettes
  • Gradient Effect
  • Hatching and Textures
  • Shading or filling
  • Dotting

What other skills or qualifications do I need?

No Glass Engraving prerequisites are required as full training will be given.

You should be able to follow visual, information and verbal instructions with support or on your own

You will also need to be able to:

  • Listen and where possible join in group discussions
  • Submit home-study activities on time
  • Jot down notes and record main points of the lesson
  • Keep your work organised in a file

Your tutor will be available to offer support with any of the above. You will require basic digital skills such as being able to connect to the internet.

Implementation How will I learn?

Sessions will include a mix of tutor demonstration, classroom activities, Working on individual tasks with feedback from tutor and homework.

Most courses will have some online learning, so a laptop/tablet and internet access will be needed so you can access suitable images online. You can discuss this with your tutor and we may be able to help.

Your full attendance in class will be required to help you to meet your learning targets.

How will I know I am making progress?

You will have a Personal Learning Plan (PLP), which you will update regularly.

Your tutor will also give you regular updates on your progress, both verbally and in writing.

Impact What can I expect to achieve?

A basic Introduction to Glass Engraving skills (Rotary Tools, Glass objects to use, bottles, various glasses, jars, Drawing Guidelines, Basic Outlines, Techniques: Filling, Silhouettes, Gradient Effect, Hatching and Textures, (IT for stock images, Maths: – measuring, English: – completing learner journals and product completion evaluation)

What could this course lead to?

To stimulate ideas for self-employment in this field, or to improve mental health & wellbeing for everyday life. As an optional bonus upon completion, you will be invited to join the Guild of Glass Engravers. (fees apply)