Intent – what will I learn?

You will enhance both your skills for independent living in the United Kingdom and your preparation for employment by developing and demonstrating your knowledge of and skills in:  

  • Following instructions using imperative and modal verbs (must, should, have to, need to etc)
  • Listening and responding to requests for personal information (formally and informally)
  • Making requests and asking questions using “WH ..type” questions correctly in every day contexts
  • Making statements of fact clearly using simple present tense
  • Responding to questions correctly using three main tenses (simple present, simple past and future tenses)

These language skills will be developed through a series of Context Studies based on the skills needed to live and to work independently

  1. Hazards and Dangers in different  settings (at home and at work)
  2. Activities and Routines i)  in the workplace and at home ii) Through Hobbies and Interests
  3. Organising your time (timetables, commuting to class and work planning trips and journeys etc)
  4. Shopping
  5. Appointments –  Making, Changing, Cancelling and Keeping appointments (GP, JCP, Interviews etc)

Implementation – how will I learn?

Sessions will include a mix of tutor demonstration, classroom activities, working in groups, individual projects and homework.

Your full attendance in class will be required to help you to meet your learning targets.

How will I know I’m making progress?

You will have a Personal Learning Plan (PLP), which you will update regularly.

Your tutor will also give you regular updates on your progress, both verbally and in writing.

Impact – what can I expect to achieve?

When you successfully achieve your learning goals, following course completion you will receive a Certificate of Achievement from STEC  

Tutor: Athena Mohammadi