Skin Within

Skin Within

Intent ā€“ what will I learn?

You will develop a knowledge & understanding, improved confidence and practical skills in skin preparation, skin care and facials techniques. Specifically you will:

  • Understand different skin types on the face. (e.g oily, dry, combination.
  • List and describe skin care products and their uses including cleanser, toners moisturisers etc.
  • Understand ingredients and how they can help promote skin care
  • Understand skin conditions and concerns such as acne, aging, hyperpigmentation etc
  • Recognise the importance of sunscreen protection e.g. SPF UVA UVB rays.

Use the Internet safely to search for information to help identify skin issues.

Implementation ā€“ how will I learn?

Sessions will include a mix of tutor demonstration, classroom activities, Working on individual tasks with feedback from tutor and homework.

Most courses will have some online learning, so a laptop/tablet and internet access will be needed so you can access suitable images online. You can discuss this with your tutor and we may be able to help.

How will I know Iā€™m making progress?

You will have a Personal Learning Plan (PLP), which you will update regularly.

Your tutor will also give you regular updates on your progress, both verbally and in writing.

Impact ā€“ what can I expect to achieve?

Please note that as an introductory programme, this course does not provide a Licence for you to practise professionally.  However you will receive a certificate of completion recording your achievements on this programme, better knowledge, skills, confidence, ideas to progress and, above all, an enjoyable experience.

Tutor: Victoria Wallace